Digitizing / Restoration / Distribution

Digitizing and Restoration Services are Not Currently Being Offered
Due to my very busy recording schedule this service is dicontunued until further notice.
If you are a passed client with these needs I may be able to accomodate you if time permits, or can help refer you.

I can convert your vintage analog media to any digital format, so that you can listen
to it on a CD, in a lossless format, or the convenience of a mobile device.

Vinyl Records - While many classic albums have been released on CD or iTunes, many gems
sadly have not been re released and are only available on LP. Using high quality turntables and
professional pre amps and A/D converters your projects will be carefully digitized in high definition
with proper care and handling of your records. The deluxe service includes removal of noise, pops,
clicks and hiss. High definition FLAC also available.


Why do your digitizing with JC Recording? If you have looked around this sight you have probably noticed that my primary business is offering professional audio production services. I began doing digitizing work for a project of restoring and remastering old recordings from tape for a long time recording client. While I am not able to offer as fast a turnaround with bulk quantities that a business specializing in digitizing can, what I do offer is the prospective and skill of an experienced mastering engineer. Each album is individually analyzed and processed with the same industry standard mastering tools I use on commercial albums. If you are looking for someone to quickly turn a big stack of albums into something you can listen to on your mp3 player at a bargain price, there are many companies out there who do a fine job, but if you are looking for the highest standards and want to breath new life into those special and rare albums look no further.


"It's amazing what they can do, these days." This phrase applies, perhaps more
than most areas, to the recording industry! It is unbelievable how far we've come with options.
I can repair simple problems in your recordings like hums, hisses, buzzes, and clicks. However,
I can also repair sounds from microphone clipping, sneezes, coughs, HVAC systems,
babies crying (not kidding!), and any other unwanted noises that might have affected a recording.
Please contact me to discuss a competitive rate for your project.


CD – I work with both area and national CD duplicators to be sure you can buy CDs for your project that will fit any budget and desired number of copies. There are NO minimum orders for professionally printed CDs. I will facilitate the duplication and will mail either a CD master or upload a DDP image to the manufacturers. CDs will then be sent directly to you upon completion. This service is offered at no additional cost, you pay only the duplication cost directly to the manufacturer.

Music Label – For recordings distributed by a record label, I will work with them to be sure the material is delivered to them in their desired format. Please provide the contact information for your rep as well as project name. This service is offered at no additional cost.

Digital/Online Distribution – Any file type (Mp3, FLAC, ACC, etc.) and specification can be created and delivered to you via download. I use professional encoding tools to ensure your compressed files are of the highest quality and do not clip or distort your material. I will also work with you to deliver your music to online distributors such as iTunes and CD-Baby. See Intro to Mastering for more information. This service is offered at no additional cost.

For projects to be mastered by a dedicated mastering house, please provide their information prior to beginning the project to be sure the materials delivered to them meets their desired specs.

You are responsible for securing the mechanical licenses for materials to be duplicated that are not public domain or your personal composition and ensuring that you comply with copyrights. Even if you are not selling the CDs or are a school or non-profit, you will still need to obtain mechanical licenses when making multiple copies.
For digital transfers - Fair use allows you to make a digital copy of your analog albums
provided that they are not currently sold in the format, you own them, and they are for your
own personal use and are not to be sold or distributed.
If you have questions on copyright issues please contact me, I have access to copyright attorneys
and would be happy to assist you.