Recording Samples
**Under Construction***
This page is being updated. Please check back soon for new audio and video.

Here are projects you can listen to now for a sample of my work. If you would like to hear a sample of a genre or album that is not provided, please contact me and I would be happy to provide it if possible.
Click on the image to be taken to the recording!
*Please Note*
Spotify applies loudness normalization to all audio it streams, forcing it to a level of approx. -14LUFS
For classical and acoustic works with a large dynamic range, this unfortunately often results in audible clipping.
Any clipping you hear in these examples is the result of Spotify's normalization. Please contact me if you would like to hear masters of any of this material.



Video and Audio
*note - these redirect because I havent been able to get them to embed yet.


Live Recording / Session Recording / Recording Services

Stereo and multitrack on-location recording to meet the needs of any event or session.
I specialize in recording classical, jazz and acoustic events and can accommodate anything from a
piano recital to a fully staged opera, or jazz trio to full big band.
Please contact for details.

Digital audio editing can carefully piece together multiple takes into one perfect run. We are all accustomed to hearing nearly perfect recordings when listening to a CD and when approached carefully editing can be done without compromising a performance or interpretation. I take great care to ensure that my editing is completely seamless and transparent.

If you have multitrack material recorded and want to get a polished ‘album’ sound.
A solid mix will make sure your project sounds big and balanced and has the impact to move your audience
I will work closely with you to achieve your creative vision.

It is the final set of adjustments and balancing that turns a collection of works into a cohesive set and a flowing musical experience. Mastering can include EQ, small amounts of compression, stereo balancing, opening up the sound stage, and leveling to bring your mix up to the desired volume.
For more information on Mastering please see my Introduction to Mastering page
which discuses workflow and concepts.

Single or multicam video shoots and livestreams. JCR provides lighting and all you need for a great video production of
your music event. All JCR video recordings include concert audio recording to our highest standards.
*event livestream required internet connection*

Audio and Video Recording Rates

CCM Students
Due to covid I am offering special pricing to CCM Students for recital recordings which includes
audio and video recording, as well as performanc livestream. Finished videos will be provided within 24hrs.
contact for pricing and scheduling

Concert Recording
Concert audio and video recording is available for any type and size of ensemble. Basic stereo recording to full
multitrack with multicam video is available. My standard rig is a 4 mic main array with two cameras.
Prices start at $250 contact for details and scheduling

Project Pricing
Pricing for recording projects is offered on a full day or half day rate.
Pricing is consistent for audio, video, and post production.

Full Day: $950

Half Day: $550